Smoke and Mirrors by Justin Aversano

Smoke and mirrors

All minters qualify to claim the physical book:

  • Bound in Italian cloth with embroidery and hot foil

  • Dimensions: 9.64 x 13 inches

  • Number of pages: 186

  • Binding: Sewn Hardback

  • Paper: Silver gilded edges

  • Tarot Deck: Silver box with Polaroid tarot

Justin aversano

Pre-Sale: 8am pst / 11am est
Public: 9am PST / 12PM EST

Smoke and Mirrors by Justin Aversano is a black and white portrait series. A deep dive into the tarot using the lens of photography. To convey the archetypes in the cards from the real world. This art book and tarot deck is a journey across the Major and Minor Arcana's; from The Fool to The World and all the Suits in between; Staffs, Swords, Cups, Coins.

Every character in the story has a short haiku that expresses the meaning of each cards representation. There are multi-media design elements throughout the length of the book that makes the Smoke and Mirrors concept come to life in the palm of your hands. The book includes a Polaroid tarot deck, where the viewer can use as a daily practice to study and engage with the magical symbolism of the tarot and how it relates to your life and experiences.

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