by 0xdgb

Rooms by 0xdgb is a 1/1/x generative collection built on Transient Labs' ERC-7160 contract. At some point all Doors will open, revealing 200 different Rooms randomly generated from hundreds of different items, traits and attributes. ERC7160 are dynamic multi-metadata tokens, allowing for future artwork updates. Meaning some collectors may find new items in their Rooms from time to time. What's behind your Door?

Mint a Door
Doors lead to Rooms


Accessing the contract:

You can access the contract here.

Accessing from OpenSea:

Firstly, go to the Camera that you own in OpenSea, and go to the 'Details' section.

Make a note of your Token ID, then click the contract address above, this will open Etherscan.

Interacting with the contract on Etherscan:

  1. Click 'Contract'
  2. Click 'Write Contract'
  3. Click 'Connect to Web3' and connect the wallet you hold your Camera
  4. Click on and open the 'changeURI' function
  5. Type in your 'Token ID'
  6. Type in the 'Token URI Index' of the camera you would like to choose
  7. Click 'Write' and confirm the transaction

Please note: the transaction will require a small gas fee.

Refreshing the metadata on OpenSea:

Once the transaction is complete, head back to your Camera on OpenSea and refresh the metadata.

After a few minutes, refresh the page and you should see your chosen camera!

Remember: You can change your camera as many times as you like before the deadline, but once the deadline has passed, the metadata will be frozen and your final choice will be locked in.