“Elements” is the culmination of the artist residency Efdot did last year in the jungle of Mexico at Kaaba Luum.

Mint Ended!

Each work began as a large (physical) site-specific painting, evolving into an animated digital-native work.

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Collectors who get all four elements will also have the option of a free claim for a fifth piece, “Elemental Glow,” inspired by the mother of all the other elements.

" Elemental Glow "

In partnership with Transient Labs, the "Elements" made use of a "Velocity" minting setup. This means that each mint reduced the total time left to mint by 5 minutes. So the total number of editions available for each piece declined over time.

Each of the four "Elements" had a different amount of time to start:

🌿"Earth" : 6 hours
Total Minted: 27
💨 "Air": 12 hours
Total Minted: 21
🔥"Fire": 18 hours
Total Minted: 23
💦"Water": 24 hours
Total Minted: 27

Which also means the total number of possible mints was greater for "Water" art piece than for any of the others.